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- About Me -
Rebecca Morgan 

Welcome to my website, I am very happy that you have chosen to be here.  I currently have two inspiring children books based about my daughter, available to buy. As well as a third book coming soon "Star of the week in Shanghai."  I wrote these books because I wanted to inspire my daughter and other children. My books are fun and inspiring for girls and boys to raise their self-esteem and look at what family/sibling-bonding looks like, whilst creating a positive self-image.

Please follow me on social media to keep updated with what I am doing and when a new book is being released.

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Sunflower Logo Black PNG.png

I put a lot of thought into my logo. I wanted it to mean something to me. My friend Sellina Luk-tung, was the inspiration behind the Sunflower logo through her beautiful words said to me in conversation.

"As you blossomed into the woman you are today you shed petals along the way, petals that represented the past you needed to leave behind and with that ... you produced new petals which represented your gifts, your aspirations, and your knowledge.

As time goes by, with patience, you’ll shed completely and bear your final product - your fruits. This will be your legacy, your final destination and your final assignment.  This will be your purpose.’’


Her words were so touching that I thought to myself, this sounds exactly like me and as such chose the sunflower to represent me.  The Sunflower symbolises Deep Love and Respect, Longevity, Loyalty, Joy and Happiness.


Facebook: Adventures of Alana Morgan 

Instagram: @iamrmorgan1


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